Tips For Building

Where To Begin

Buying a home is a rewarding experience if you know what you want and have a good idea of what you can afford. Deciding how much you can afford to spend depends upon two factors: the monthly payment and the amount you can invest in down payment. Because there are so many variables, sitting down with an experienced lender to discuss your financing options in detail is a good first move towards building a new home.

Deciding What You're Looking For

In the beginning, consider everything you want in your new home: location, size, type of home site and specific features like a separate dining room or garage. Decide on the importance of community amenities such as a pool or jogging trails, proximity to public transportation or commuter routes, local schools, and shopping. Then, determine your top priorities so you can be prepared to weigh your options when deciding which home to purchase.

Selecting A Builder

Choosing the right builder is as important as choosing the right home style and location. It is essential that the builder has an excellent reputation to ensure both the quality of your home and the reliability of any warranties. At Contry, we offer financing options, exceptional customer service, and have an excellent warranty program.

Selecting A Neighborhood

Numerous factors determine the relative quality of a neighborhood: age, natural features like woods and rolling terrain, architectural style, recreational facilities, and schools. How the individual homes and the community are maintained has an effect as well. When evaluating a new neighborhood, ask yourself "what will this neighborhood be like in 10 or 15 years?" We're confident that our neighborhoods will be as well suited to your lifestyle in the future as they are today.

Choosing A Home Site

After deciding on a neighborhood, you'll want to look at the overall layout of the community and choose a specific site for your new home. Decide whether you want to be on a through street or a cul-de-sac, near woods or in an open area, close to schools, and so on. Your experienced Contry home sales representative can help you understand site plans, easements, and will guide you through the entire home building process.

Selecting The Best Floorplan For Your Family

First, determine how many total rooms you need (especially bedrooms and bathrooms) and decide what room sizes you require and where you want them located. Also consider whether you want an open foyer, separate living and dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room, den, laundry room, garage, sun room or porch. Contry Homes has many floorplans to choose from.

Watching Your New Home Take Shape

Some builders invite buyers to visit their new home at predetermined stages of construction. These visits help you to literally know your home inside and out and from the ground up as it is being built.

Closing On Your New Home

Going to settlement, or closing your new home, is the last step in the Contry home buying process. The closing will occur at a title company. Contry Homes will set the date and a time agreeable to both parties. At your closing, you will be explained the settlement documents by the closer at the title company, sign the documents, and pay your balance and any closing costs. You'll need to bring a cashier's or certified check for this purpose. Lastly, you'll get the title and the keys to your new Contry home.